Worth the Fight 2.0

I lay looking up at nothingness,
For days,
This is what fighting for you has felt like to me, I fought because I hoped that things would change,
That you would change,
But nothing ever did and neither did you,
What happened to the days when I woke up in the morning and you were the reason for my smile?
What happened to the times when every inch of my body tingled at the slightest touch of your skin against mine?
I have fought for all this time,
Fought for your affection,
Fought for your attention,
But we both know that I will never receive either from you,
So I choose to let you go,
I choose to release myself from this endless hole that has become my life,
Because if there is one thing that loving you has taught me is that, I have the strength to fight for what I want but the wisdom to know when that fighting is killing me, I am worth more than that and now I know it…


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