Worth The Fight

When we fight for something,

Do we really know what we are fighting for?

When we fight for someone,

Do we really know if that person is worth it?

This is a question that creates a problem for some of us every now and again,

If it hasn’t, then maybe you haven’t known what it’s like to truly want something,

To want it to the point where you find yourself wondering if it’s worth the trouble,

Because the things that you decide are worth it,

Go after it,

And you get it in the end,

These are the things that you truly want,

And to know this piece of valuable information,

I think can take you a long way because,

It makes this little thing we call life a bit easier,

To have some sense of what we want from it is a gift that you shouldn’t take lightly.

So go after what you want and take your life to the next level,

If you don’t, you will never know what you are capable off,

Show the power you were born with,

And use it to concur the realms that make up your universe.


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