My Words

When I write something,
I give it structure, I place the words were I think they fit the best,
But the most important thing for me is I write what I feel.
I know that each piece I write could be taken apart and analyzed,

And yes there would be grammatical errors,

Yes not everything will be structured correctly,
they aren’t perfect,

all of this I know but that’s just how I wrote them,
Because to me emotions are imperfect,
Emotions don’t follow the rules,
They are there and they are powerful,
Therefore I try to apply the same to my writing,
Because just like emotions my writing can be imperfect,
it doesn’t always follow the rules,
And hopefully you find something in it to be powerful.
How grammatically correct my writing is,
is not my main concern,
my main concern is the words I use to create the piece,

It’s the feeling I want to bring across to my reader,
so when you read my short pieces do not judge it purely on the bases of its grammatical value

But rather by the emotions I have tried to create…


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