Always Amazing, Always Powerful

Creativity is a topic that I talk about often,
but to me it is something that is ever present in my life,
Emotion is the driving force behind the creation of beautiful & powerful pieces.
Songs, poems, monologues, paintings, dances,
anything done to provoke an emotion by an artist, whether intentional or not,

Requires a feeling, an emotion, an experience,

In order for it to have the desired impact,
because in essence it is an expression & a reflection of how the artist feels at the time they create their piece.

Powerful pieces of art is not limited to medium or different genre’s within a medium,

A sad musical piece can have just as much impact as a happy one,

An intense, emotional painting can be just as powerful as an abstract one,

Different mediums of art are beautiful in different ways & they affect us on different levels,

But it’s still art none the less & they are brought forth with inspiration.
A masterpiece that stands the test of time is one that comes from the deepest corners of your soul,

It comes from a place of truth, a place of imagination,
it is the artist,

when an artist allows themselves to be vulnerable and exposes themselves they allow the most honest part of themselves to flow into their work, & create the phenomenal work that will impact you as the viewer,
this is why creativity will be…
Always Amazing, Always Powerful.


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