You left me once

You left me once;                                                                                                                                          I thought I’d lost you, and it felt like it would be forever.

I didn’t know if you’d come back

And the thought of you no longer with me sent me into a downward spiral and I didn’t know climb back up,

So I just sat, becoming content with hanging on the side

And then something happened, something that was hidden from my conscious.

I began to climb back up,

A light leading the way of the road I must take

It leads me up and up and up and I began to smile,

I felt a warmth inside me, one that I haven’t felt in a long time,

Then like the fog clearing a field on a sweet, spring morning you were back,

You came back to me,

you began to flow through me with a fury and determination that I haven’t seen before and I smile because I have you back and I’m not letting go, no I’m not letting go of you again, we will be great together and it doesn’t matter if that greatness doesn’t come with money and fame it will touch someone and inspire, inspire someone to believe that they can achieve their dreams no matter their circumstance, no matter what people say, your dream is yours and only with the help of God leading your way, and the people He has placed in your life can you make these dreams reality. He has put your dreams there for you to work for them, for you to strive for them, for you to turn them into reality and for you to embrace them with open arms. Believe that you deserve happiness because I do and I’m ok with it…


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