You know that feeling?

There is a feeling of something creeping through you,

From the tips of your toes to the tiny hair follicles on the top of your head,

Like goo covering your whole body in all its slimy glory,

But you’re not disgusted or put off by it, no,

You like this feeling,

You just want to embrace it this sensation that just seems to be doing thing to you that you can’t explain,

It’s getting tighter now,

You can feel it inside you wrapping around your organs but not your lungs and your heart,

No, it leaves those two for last,

Until finally it gets there wrapping around them so tightly that you can’t breathe…

Do you know this feeling?

What do you do with the intensity of it?

Do you just let it take you?

Well that’s an idea that has been waiting patiently to be born and written…so let it out, let it be written, feel the ooze flow through your fingertips, and watch the magic being made…


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