Unavailable Heart

A person with an unavailable heart,
Is an ugly one to fall for,
Not that it makes the person bad,
No it’s just an ugly situation to be in,

Why is it that even though we know, they can’t commit to us,

Won’t be able to commit to us we still fall for them?
Our own hearts lead us straight to a place,
Were sadness,


And heartache waits for us.
Can we be mad at the person who leads us on and eventually rejects us?
That’s a tough question, isn’t it?
our broken hearts tell us that we can’t feel anything but anger,
But I think what we need to learn is that their hearts are unavailable because it still belongs to the person who broke it,
Or they’re self-esteem is so slow and the attention we give them is the only way they can feel better about themselves,
But even though they have been going through this hurt, whether it be because of their own broken heart or because of their fragile state of self,
To lead us on,
Flirt with us, just to boost their self-worth

That is something that should be forgiven,

But cannot and should not be forgotten,
because they have taken their pain and caused us the same pain,

So use that as a lesson,
take the time to heal your broken heart,
Free yourself from the chains that keep you from loving or trusting again,
Break the cycle so you can give your heart to the person that gives you theirs,
And remember two things-
Even after heartbreak don’t lose hope in love,
And you are worthy of being loved by someone that will return their love to you in the same measure that you have given them…


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