That Touch part 3

…Wrapping my arms around the lower part of your waist

I was letting you know it was time,

Time to get this last part on the move and I could tell you wanted it as much as I did,

Cupping my head in your hands to kiss me harder

And to let me know that this is what you wanted and you weren’t letting go bringing my lips closer to yours,

You bit my lower lip softly but passionately,

What drove this passion was the tenderness,

We wanted to feel the heat,

The energy,

The sexual power between us

But the tenderness is what made it unique,

That is what made it so powerful,

The motions got faster and faster,

Up and down,

Up and down,


Harder, stronger, all our muscles working in perfect unison,

Sweat starting to drip down our backs,

You drove the tips of your fingers into my back through the sweat,

Harder with each time I thrust my hips into yours,

Our breathing got heavier and began to turn into light moaning until the light moaning got loader and loader, that perfect point of climax was approaching…

Faster and faster,

Harder and harder,

Deeper and deeper we moved and then finally our bodies pulled stiff the moaning turned into one long lasting moan,

Coming at the same time our bodies jerked together, holding each other tighter and breathing out in pleasure…

You looked down at me, straight into my eyes then leaned down to kiss me with complete satisfaction and let me know you’re ready to do it all over again…


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