That Touch part 2

…As your lips drew closer to my neck the warmth of your breath grew slower and deeper, gently brushing past my cheek and I knew that every motion you made, you made to tease me,
Barely touching my skin invoked a sense I didn’t know I had, you moved the inner most parts of my soul,
As I slowly moved the tip of my tongue along the bottom of my top lip in pleasure your lips touched mine and you began to kiss me with a passion that made the tips of my toes curl in the most pleasurable agony,
Completely unaware of my actions my entire body shifted around to face you, as we continued the beautiful symphony being performed by our lips our bodies grew closer and closer until the light from the many candles lit around the room couldn’t cast a shadow in between us,
The warmth of your body did things to me I never knew could be done,
We were one and now it was my turn to take control…


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