That Touch part 1

As I lay on my stomach,

The soft silk sheets all around me,

The goose feather pillows like sweet, heavenly clouds keeping me in a dream that could heal the world,

Every inch of my body completely relax,


Until the soft tips of your fingers gently touch the top of my neck,

And even though they were barely touching me every muscle in my shoulders and back tensed up, the tiny hairs all over stood at attention, followed by the goose bumps and the final act of pleasure my body would allow was the softest moan…

Pleased by my reaction to your touch you carried on with your journey down my back,

Each millimetre you move down made the moans longer and deeper, the shock waves passing through your fingertips shot through to the furthest parts of my body.

As you got to the middle of my back I felt you lean forward your soft, warm breath on my neck I hoped that your thoughts were the same as mine because what I wanted next only you could give me….


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