Makes us strong

I believe that we don’t fall in love once,

We fall in love many times but,

For everyone that comes into our lives,

Makes us love,

Makes us feel joy,

Makes us happy,

Then turns around and brings our world down, makes us feel pain,



An overwhelming feeling of being lost.

And after all of this you feel like you can’t move on,

And that was the one,

But those people that come into your life and put you through these things are only making you stronger.

Strong enough to handle the trials that will come your way when you meet that person that was meant for you,

The person that was made for you.

And don’t fool yourself there is someone out there for you, their just in hiding.

Destiny is hiding that person from you so that when you meet you will be worthy, you will be ready, and your love won’t crumble through the trials that will come your way.

Believe in your happiness, you deserve it.


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