I am powerful…I am creative

I was thinking how different the creative brain is to the analytical brain,

We see things differently,

We experience thing differently,

You may not see the beauty of a painting or catch the under lining message of a play, but I can, we can,

We feel all these emotions

And when we are presented with a problem we may not handle it the way you do,

We will handle it in our own way and in our own time,

Our emotions and feelings are our gifts but also our curse,

We can create something beautiful through our craft

And it will be powerful,

It will touch you on a level you may not want to go

But its ok just let it take you there,

But even though it will touch you it’s meant to connect with you us and that’s beautiful to me, that is our gift,

It’s our curse because if we don’t control that emotion,

Use that emotion it can be dangerous to us,

It can sink us so low that we don’t know how to get up again,

But I have something to say to those creative people,

Know that you are powerful

And you can use that to be brilliant just the way it was intended to be,

I am powerful…I am creative…


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