How we grow

How we grow,

Is it a good thing?

To grow?

How did we get here?

From a time when we had dreams,

And we knew that we would get to those dreams eventually

But now we have grown and what has it brought us except more complex dilemma’s…

We let our emotions rule what we do and now that we’ve grown there are just more emotions to deal with,

When we don’t get the things we work so hard for,

When we are not on the path we thought we would be on have we strayed and if so how do we get back?

Is growing what we really want?

Well growth is a part of growing up, life has disappointments,

Life has times when it laughs at our failure,

but its ok because if you want to fix the things in your life that’s gone wrong then I say do it, fix it and embrace the growth because without it we wouldn’t move forward and life would get boring so just take part in the jokes of life and live it for you, warts and all…


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