Life is not this hard;
we take the bad things that happen to us so personally,

but you know what life is not as hard as we make it out to be,
Yes bad things happen,
We go through horrible times,
Things get so tough that we just want to give up,

Crawl into a hole and die,
We don’t want to deal with work,
With crappy people,
With crappy pay,
We want to feel important to people,

But most of the time we don’t see that we are already important.
I think we need to get out of the comfort of that hole,
And see the way through the smoke that blinds you too much to see the clearer side of your path,
It’s not easy by any means of the of the imagination,

But people have pulled themselves out of unbelievable circumstances,

not always to be noted by others like motivational speakers who have survived horrid thing, or like authors, singers, artists who touch people’s lives with their art, from which is inspired by their experiences, some are as simple as single mothers watching their child go off to college, knowing that she’s achieved everything she wanted too,
So even though it may seem times are tough and overwhelming don’t worry things are brighter in the morning and remember…
Be thankful for the things you have been given,
for the people in your life,
and look forward to tomorrow because it’s sure to bring blessings and challenges that will make you stronger…
My favorite bible verse gives me strength, maybe it can do the same for you,
“The will of God will not take you were the grace of God will not protect you”
Be you and you will be OK!


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