Beautiful Horizan

The late afternoon sun setting on the edge of the wide open sea, no longer a faint light yellow ball high in the sky giving warm, radiant light to the life on the earth but a massive half ball of red and orange sitting on the edge of the sea,


The sky no longer filled with the crisp light blue colour of a peaceful day but a darker blue tainted with the strong, radiant colour of the afternoon sun, spreading through the sky like a fine silk blanket of  different shades of crimson mixed with sweet shades of orange,


A sight that you could not only see but feel as well, on the tips of the gentle hairs on your skin, in the cracks of your chest, on the soft skin of your face, swallow you whole in the power it exudes.


While it sets the fine sand in between your toes grows cooler, the tide begins to draw nearer,


Night is here and soon the sky will be black, with nothing but the bright white moon and millions of tiny stars in the distance to give the night some light, to prove that the dark will not consume you unless you let it…


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