A note for an Endless Friendship

This is a note for a friendship that will never die nor faultier through time,

Through distance,

Through trials and tribulations,

Through happiness,

Through sadness.

Friendship is never given the same credit of a relationship,

Everyone always talks about love,

Always sings about love,

Always writes about love,

But I want to talk about friendship, sing about friendship, and write about friendship because to have someone in your life that you can call your soul mate, without having a romantic connection, I believe is a privilege.

Someone that knows every part of you and passes no judgment,

Someone that has seen you at your best and your worst and not even blinked an eye at the change between the two,

Someone that loves you at night as much as the morning,

These things tie you to that person for life and not distance nor time can and will ever change that because your lives are intertwined by a force so strong, that it bound you together for an eternity of love, friendship and happiness, and I am blessed to have such an intertwining, unbreakable, unconditional bond.

My mother always said to me “everyone can’t be your friend, you have a handful of people that you call friend the rest are merely acquaintances,”

I never understood that before but now I know my friends from my acquaintances and I wouldn’t have it any other way…


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